Fundstücke von Alice Thomas Ellis

I think I forgot the world is round, so no matter where you go, no matter how fast you run, sooner or later you find yourself staring at your own retreating backside. (S. 169)

He knew if you lived long enough you would inevitably, to a greater or lesser extent, become disenchanted with everybody in your life, from your nearest and dearest right down to the amiable newsagent on the corner. (S. 164)

‚Am I a person from Porlock?‘ asked Jessica who was no different from anybody else in that she rather enjoyed disturbing people who were attempting to work. There was not any malice in the urge: it was a primitive, tribal response to the individual intent on private concerns – ‚Kindly rejoin the community and let us play.‘ The man engrossed in solitary pursuits is always a little threatening. (S. 118)

aus: Alice Thomas Ellis: The Inn at the Edge of the World (1990)


Autor: buchpost

- mein buchregal: schon lange ein gegengewicht zu beruf und engstirnigkeit - ziele: horizont weiten, mich vergnügen und das wichtige behalten

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