Fundstück von Nancy Pearl

Reading has always brought me pure joy. I read to encounter new worlds and new ways of looking at our own world. I read to enlarge my horizons, to gain wisdom, to experience beauty, to understand myself better, and for the pure wonderment of it all. I read and marvel over how writers use language in ways I never thought of. I read for company, and for escape. Because I am incurably interested in the lives of other people, both friends and strangers, I read to meet myriad folks and enter their lives – for me, a way of vanquishing the “otherness” we all experience. […]
Mine was a family that today would be labeled dysfunctional. All I knew then that I was deeply and fatally unhappy. It was painful to live in our house, and consequently I spent most of my childhood and early adolescence at the public library.

Nancy Pearl: Booklust: Recommended Reading for every mood, moment, and reason, Sasquatch books Seattle 2003

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