Fundstücke von Patrick Taylor und Betsy Hanson

Jack, always the consummate mimic, declared in the tone of one of the upper classes, ‚Old boy, in this life there will always be a certain amount of shit to be shovelled. I really would urge you to buy a long-handled spade and simply get on with it.‘

Aus: Patrick Taylor: An Irish Country Doctor, 2004, S. 109

When it came right down to it, what other option was there in life? You have to deal. Everyone does. I have my widowhood and my worries about Hans with his failed marriage and delayed music career. Laurel has her string of adjunct jobs. Frieda has her unrequited love for Arnold Wiggins. […] All human beings deal, in one way or another, until they die.

Aus: Betsy Hanson: Always Gardenia, 2018, S. 223

Autor: buchpost

- mein buchregal: schon lange ein gegengewicht zu beruf und engstirnigkeit - ziele: horizont weiten, mich vergnügen und das wichtige behalten

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